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A Gallery of Sn3, 1:64 scale models

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C 16
- 1990 Durango Convention 2-6-0 & 4-4-0 early BLW 2-6-0 & 4-4-0 u-constr 2-6-0 Early BLW Glenbrook 4-4-0 from Paul Scoles
4-4-0 Silverado station PScoles 4-4-0's early 55' Sellars Turntable kits Australia QR + Sth Africa U26c Australia QR 1620
C16 Early versions C16 mech C17 & C18 C17 mech C18 D&RG #319
C19 D&RG #340.jpg C19 RGS #40 C19's D&RG #344 & 340 C19's D&RG #404, 346 C19's RGS 40-41 D&RG 343etc.
C19's RG C48 D&RG #106, RGS #14 C48 D&RG, RGS Canada CNR GM G8 Canada GM G8 CNR
East Broad Top M1 GE Centre cab GE Plymouth critters GM G8-12 Brasil Pacific Coast #106, 110
S Bus, truck, car kits S Figure sets unpainted S Ford Fire trucks S Mack trucks, Animals, People S truck kits
Sn3 BLW Mikado Sn3 loco under construction Sn3 T12 etc D&RG -RGS locos Sn3 T12's D&RG Early-Intermed Sn3 White Pass #83 GE 50ton
Sn3 White Pass Alco DL535E Sn3 White Pass Anvil Flatcars Sn3 White Pass Anvil single Hopper> Sn3 White Pass Anvil Twin Hopper Sn3 White Pass cabooses
Sn3 White Pass diesels Sn3 White Pass GE Shovelnose Sn3 White Pass group Sn3 White Pass Locos etc Sn3 White Pass Mikado #73 DSteer
Sn3.5 Sth Africa GE-U26c Class 34 SPNG #18 & #8> SPNG #8 & 18 SPNG & Pacific Coast 4-6-0's Std gge Alco RS1, RS2, S2
Std gge diesels u-construction Std gge NW2-SW7 RS1 RS2 Std gge RS1 RS2 Std gge S2 NW2-SW7 RS Std gge SW7-NW2 S.jpg
Whitepass Models; From Markus Zöschg here are some photos of his assembled kitsets
31' Flatcars w/8 twistlocks for 20/25' box containers;  "Anvil" Flatcars
Markus writes:- The Container Cars were painted with floquil colours and weathered with a wash of diluted ink/alcohol. The box container models are from Andy Wegmüller. I will try do make new ones using the photo etching method. The Anvil Container Cars had the weathering done first with Floquil paints and after that I used chalk and powder colours to simulate the dust. The painting is done with Revell® aluminum paint and weathered with a down wash of ink and alcohol.
Bombardier MLW Wide cab DL 535E Bombardier MLW Wide cab DL 535E
My MLW Bombardier:-  For the correct paint I used Floquil Conrail blue; for the weathering I used Floquil weathered black, engine black and took a wash downwith thinner. The several lenses used on the front/rear came from MV Lenses. My railroad friend Fuchs Simon made the photo etched parts for the rear shutters and grills. He also printed the new windows with the black gaskets on a plastik foil.....Markus Zöschg