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Sn3 Photo Gallery
Link to photos from Railroad Model Craftsman Magazine

Photo's of Master Craftsman Paul Scoles superb Sn3 'Pelican Bay and Navigation Co Railway'.

Our models by Paul, pictures by Bill Mohn.


Thanks guys, appreciated.


My DVD: "Chasing the Chariots of Fire" was judged 12th out of 30 at Cannes in 2007.

A 59 minute film of my 8 trips to China featuring Chinese Narrow Gauge Forestry Railways, and many obscure now closed branch lines, as well as steam over the famous Jing Peng Pass. This Commercially made Documentary features rural Chinese life in the backblocks, and is for the whole family, not just Railfans. This will open your eyes to how the average Chinese, far from the CCP in Beijing, lives. Regretfully the Olympics in Beijing bought forth a decree banning steam on China Rail, so here is your chance to see it as it really was, warts and all.

Price: NZ $35 overseas plus post, $40 total in NZ including GST and post.

                       From the Railmaster Exports Archive:-

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C 16
Tweetsie 4-6-0 by Tuhr Barnes Paul Scoles- Genius at work C16 Alex Zelkin Baldwin Mikado WP #73 David Steer Early 2-8-0 Bill Scobie
DL 535E Kitset mack truck
WP&Y Diesels by Bill Scobie White Pass DL 535E early C16's SP Narrow gauge Mack Coal tipper
GE-90 GM G8/12 C 48 Switcher Anvil
White pass GE 90 Shovelnose GM G8/12 Diesels C16 Paul Scoles Class 48 Bill Scobie WP Anvil flats
Andre the Mogal
Modern Mogul Early 4-4-0's C17 RGS 42 Early 2-6-0 BLW C19's RGS etc.
CN Narrow gauge G12 Early tender C17-18 Loco's 4-4-0 cab view "SPC #3" tender
Early 4-4-0 & 2-6-0 "Glenbrook" chassis C18, C19 "Glenbrook"  "SPC #3" chassis
AA trucks and Motor cycles 1:64 Autos 1:64 Figures 1:64 Trucks Mack etc. 1:64 Figures
White Pass selection White Pass locos Boxcab 1:64 Mack trucks WP Caboose
 S Std gauge Critters GE 25 ton end cab Class 48 0-6-0T's Class 48 Modern
Early 4-4-0 & 2-6-0 Switchers etc. GE critters Center cab switcher 1:64 Animals & People
4-4-0 Eureka C17's and F&CC C18 Pacific Coast 4-6-0 PC 106 and Uintah #12 Sellars 55' Turntable
GE 90 Shovelnose  T12 loco's SPNG 6 & 18 Ford AA trucks Ford AA Fire trucks
SPNG #8 SPNG steam R199 Motor cycles and riders R199 EBT M1 Gas electric
Whitepass Models; From Markus Zöschg here are some photos of his assembled kitsets
31' Flatcars w/8 twistlocks for 20/25' box containers;  "Anvil" Flatcars
Markus writes:- The Container Cars were painted with floquil colours and weathered with a wash of diluted ink/alcohol. The box container models are from Andy Wegmüller. I will try do make new ones using the photo etching method. The Anvil Container Cars had the weathering done first with Floquil paints and after that I used chalk and powder colours to simulate the dust. The painting is done with Revell® aluminum paint and weathered with a down wash of ink and alcohol.
Bombardier MLW Wide cab DL 535EBombardier MLW Wide cab DL 535E
My MLW Bombardier:-  For the correct paint I used Floquil Conrail blue; for the weathering I used Floquil weathered black, engine black and took a wash downwith thinner. The several lenses used on the front/rear came from MV Lenses. My railroad friend Fuchs Simon made the photo etched parts for the rear shutters and grills. He also printed the new windows with the black gaskets on a plastik foil.....Markus Zöschg

Colour CATALOG  24 pages, AIRMAILED WORLDWIDE for a US $12.

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